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Brain Dump/List Update, and Open Call

  • Write in blog at least once per week for one year (2/52)
  • Save $200 every month (1/36) — Got off on the right foot, hopefully I can keep it up because …
  • Move out of my parents’ house — will (probably) be happening sooner than expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, 14 exclamation points are entirely necessary in this situation. More details to come (I’m afraid of jinxing it) but something is in the works with two good friends.
  • Be a maid-of-honor — work in progress until June 2011, when my bestie CB (soon to be CR) will tie the knot with the love of her life. Full detailed post on all things relating to her wedding probably coming after the bachelorette/shower in early May, and of course after the 6/11 wedding. In a nutshell, I’ve known her my entire life, her wedding is lovebird-themed, and I’m beyond excited. The bridesmaid dresses are picked out (color is “Pool”), venue locked in, dress found (more sparkles than you’ve ever seen in your LIFE), and many many more details in the works.
  • See at least one concert per month — going to see Jonathan Coulton at the World Cafe with my buddy Mario at the end of the month
  • Learn how to play the guitar and memorize 10 songs (0/10) — had my first lesson from my Dad. Learned chords I already knew from fooling around. This is going to be difficult because the way notes work is entirely different from my first instrument, the piano, so I’m going to have to learn a different way of thinking about note sequences.
  • Lose 15 pounds (-3/15) — Bah. Too much junk food over the weekend and trying out the Perfect Brownie Pan I got in the family Dirty Santa for Christmas. Back on track this week with the Weight Watchers, and hitting up the gym for the first time this year tonight. Worried about the “Resolution-ers” and lack of available machines at Planet Fitness.
  • Take a yoga class — Signed up for a Groupon (LOVE THIS SITE) with my two good girlfriends N and T, for 10 classes at a fitness center nearby. We were going to try Yoga and Zumba on Saturday morning but got too much snow. Second try this weekend, hopefully.
  • Eat at 5 Philadelphia-Area restaurants I have never been to (1/5) – went with N to a relatively new bar/restaurant in West Chester on Thursday, called Sidebar. Review to follow shortly.
  • Watch all three Lord of the Rings movies back to back – This is an annual occurrence with my dad, CB’s dad, and my uncle. Yes, we are nerds. Yes, it is awesome. The date is set: 2/5/11. Elevensies will be had.
  • Let eyebrows grow in and get them shaped professionally — working on it but the urge to pluck is becoming overwhelming. I currently look like a troll.
  • Donate blood as much as possible for one year (0/6) – this goal is not going to happen, I think. I read online that while you basically get rid of Lymes disesase, that it is never fully gone from your bloodstream. I don’t want to risk passing this on to anyone. I may come up with a new goal to replace this one, but I want to confirm that this is correct with the infection specialist, who I am finally going to see on Thursday. Or, I may just chalk this up as a loss and contribute a dollar to charity.

OPEN CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: I need people to go with me to these places — any takers?


6 comments on “Brain Dump/List Update, and Open Call

  1. nicole
    January 11, 2011

    Here goes answering your open call!
    * Philadelphia Magic Gardens
    * Find the MacGuffin and attend a Guerilla Drive-In
    * Pick-Your-Own farm (likely Highland Orchards)
    * Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art
    * Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
    * Academy of Natural Sciences
    * Colonial Theater (would prefer to see a “classic” film here)
    * Longwood Gardens in the spring
    * Bike the Struble Trail
    * Canoe or kayak on Marsh Creek

    Some of those I’ve done, but not for years, and the others sound exciting!! I haven’t seen a dinosaur skeleton on YEARS. Why that one sticks out the most, I don’t know. Probably because we were talking about the water cycle today, and the kids (ok and I..) thought it was crazy awesome how the water we drink today was once a drink for dinosaurs! hahah 😀 Oh and everything outdoors must be done when it’s warm.. which better happen soon!!

  2. thejuliemonster
    January 11, 2011


    The following do not require warm weather:

    – Philadelphia Institute of Contemporary Art
    – Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
    – Academy of Natural Sciences
    – Colonial Theater for a classic movie

    Maybe we could yoga it up and then head down to Philly to meet up with Cristina after her class one Saturday soon and do some exploring! Also, the Flower Show theme this year is “Springtime In Paris”, and you are my date like it or not.

    • nicole
      January 11, 2011

      I am so there!! I love all of these ideas! So I’ve been thinking, and I may have to follow suit and create my own 101 list.. it sounds like a good way to start the positive changes rolling!

      • Fee
        January 14, 2011

        Me too! Me too! (Especially indoor things.) I am behind on my blog-reading for the week. Totally unacceptable.

  3. Kim
    January 12, 2011

    I know, it’s weird, I’m your mom — BUT I’d love to go to any of the places on your list except the Mutter Museum. Would most love the Rodin Museum, ICA, student concerts at the Curtis Institute, Longwood Gardens, Phila Magic Garden and biking on the Struble Trail. Pretty please?

    • thejuliemonster
      January 12, 2011

      Not weird, I like doing stuff with you! You’re on for Rodin Museum, Curtis Institute, Magic Gardens and Struble Trail biking 🙂 Love you

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