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List update – crossing things off!

It’s been two weeks since I wrote … arg! Work has been crazy (12-14 hour days all week crazy), the weather has been crazier, and I’ve just been busy. But oh, do I have updates! Let’s check in with the trusty 101 in 1001 list:

– Get 10 followers on blog (7/10) — at least I think there are only 7 so far. In Google Reader, it says seven of you are following. I know who a few of you are, but who are the rest? Drop me a comment if you’re on the Julie Trizzain 🙂 If you’re following on something other than Google Reader, maybe I already have my ten!

– Acquire a KitchenAid Stand Mixer
 -DONE, after a little bit of a fiasco. At work we received a very nice gift card which I originally planned to fulfill the rest of my Christmas list with. Unfortunately Amazon had trouble processing the PNC VISA gift card, even though the total was under the amount on the card, so I gave up on that. Then I realized …. “omg. mixer.” and decided to put the gift card towards that item on my list. Target was having (is having, I should say – until Saturday!) an awesome Home & Kitchen sale online, plus an additional 10% off anything over $50, plus Free Shipping. Bam – in the cart. Then, I realized you have to process the gift card as a credit card, and Target online won’t let you combine credit cards. D’oh! I took my gift card and a lot of determination to the actual Target store, and found one, though not in the color I wanted. Meh – I decided I had to have it right that very minute, so I bought it and only added $64 of my own money. Once I got the box home and ripped it open, with visions of tortes and meringues in my head …. I found a huge dent in the top of the shiny colored part of the head. I toyed with the idea of keeping it anyway, but decided that I had spent too much money to have it brand new out of the box and damaged. I took it back to the store and then had an epiphany. I could return this for a Target gift card and combine that online with any additional shipping costs , and get the color I wanted! 4 days later …..

Ecstasy!!!! Tonight I fired her up and completed part of another item on my list – cooking something I’ve never made before — lemon bars. I got the baking bug and decided to whip some of these puppies up, and they were so easy (especially not having to do any hand mixing!).  I also used the brownie pan I won in the family pollyanna – you know, the one you see on infomercials. It’s amazing to have perfectly cut, non-sticking treats with edges on all four sides. Anyway, back to the lemon bars. They’re delicious. Next time I’m definitely going to attempt something harder, but I was just craving something easy and sweet tonight.

lemon bars

Any suggestions on what I should make next time?


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