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Bah! “Vegetarianism, The Sequel” is a bust. It’s not that I’m incapable – really! I was doing well all week, again, when I forgot, again – but I have a reason! I’ve been sick since early this week (a lovely combo of strep/bronchitis/fever/sinus infection), so when dad served up a nom-worthy chicken casserole, and I forgot, I’m blaming that on the a-a-a-alcohol. I mean, fever. I’m going to give it one more go in a few weeks, 3rd time’s a charm – right?

The other food-related task I tried to tackle this week was a double-fail (all the way! so intense!): Taking a picture of everything I ate. It wasn’t a fail in that I forgot to photograph things- I did take pictures!


The first problem, is that I’ve been too lazy to charge my camera, so I’ve been using my phone, and … well … things that were REALLY appetizing, do not look so good. Also, I emailed each photo to myself, got the notification of email received, and deleted the photo on my phone to free up space. But, stupid phone didn’t attach all the pictures. So I don’t have real documentation, boo! I think when I do this right, it will look really cool as one graphic. Hopefully I’ll see a lot of bright colors in there.


Which brings me to problem #2. The sickness made me barely want to eat, and what I did eat, was beige. All of it. So the rest of my week literally looked like this:


Not so good. Monotonous. And beige. And blurry.Ā  I’m going back to bed, I’ll try life again next week.


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