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Blog Neglect, a Mix for March, and List Cross-Offiness

I am a terrible blogger!!!

Seriously, it feels like I’m saying that every time I write a post, but I have lots of update goodies. I was going to wait until I get better pictures, but I can’t keep it in – crossing off the 3 most major things on my list – #33, 53 and 90!

1. I moved out!  I’m in a 3-BR, 2 1/2 Bath townhouse with two wonderful roomies.

2. I got a KITTEH! Her name is Zoey and she is teething so we’re having a painful start to our relationship but I wuv her more than you can imagine, she weduces me to baby tawk.

3. Also, I kicked Lyme Disease’s ass right outta the universe. I went back to the infection specialist and he told me while the antibodies will always be in my bloodstream (like chicken pox), the active disease is gone. My energy level is back up to almost normal on most days (the fibromyalgia still gives me some rough days), the arthritis in my knees is completely gone and I’m no longer constantly achy. I’m going to be much more diligent with tick checks but I’m ready for spring and outdoors again!

#1 and 2 will get their own posts, hopefully this weekend, once I get some better photos of the house with actual furniture in it and the cat not on my phone. Which is her favorite thing to chew on next to my foot.

Here is my mix for march – no theme, no rationality, just a bunch of songs I was groovin on this month.

1. Intro (the XX)
2. Louder Than Ever – Active Child Remix (Cold War Kids)
3. Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People)
4. Ten-Twenty-Ten (the Generationals)
5. Sake (Jupiter)
6. Armistice – RAC Remix (Phoenix)
7. Mine Is Yours – Passion Pit Remix (Cold War Kids)
8. Young Blood (The Naked Famous)
9. Where Is My Mind – Pixies Cover (The Petebox)
10. Icarus (White Hinterland)
11. So This Is Goodbye – Pink Ganter Remix (William Fitzsimmons)

In other music news – this won’t float many people’s boats but it floats mine. My FAVORITE artist, Sufjan Stevens, had his fabulous Seven Swans album reimagined by some great artists – http://onjoyfulwings.bandcamp.com/.

If you take a listen and like it, please consider purchasing the download. It’s only $10 and it benefits Komen for the Cure. Happy April!


One comment on “Blog Neglect, a Mix for March, and List Cross-Offiness

  1. Fee
    April 9, 2011

    I want to meet Zoey!

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