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As promised, here’s a post about miss Zoey!

I was so excited to get a kitten but couldn’t find any ANYwhere – not at the SPCA, not at the Humane Society, Petsmart, etc. Finally I found a brand new litter of kittens on Craigslist, at a home in Fishtown. Half tabby/half Abyssinian (she got the markings – lighter at the root with dark ticking near the tip of the hair), she was only 7 weeks old at the time I found the ad, and 9 weeks when I picked her up. Just a wittle baby!

The woman I got her from said both the parent cats were rescue kitties. The mom, Smokey, is pretty small for an adult cat, and Zoey’s paws are tiny so I think she’ll be small as well. All the cats in the family are named after singers – Smokey Robinson (mom) and Frank Sinatra (dad), and one of Zoey’s sisters has been named Kelly Pickler. I agonized over names for about a week, coming down to Zooey Deschanel or Etta James, and after meeting her, she definitely fit the Zoey profile.

Here are a few pictures and a video. Sometimes I think she’s bipolar, with all the cuddling one minute and attacking my face the next, but then I remember she’s a kitten. Wuv her!


One comment on “Zoey

  1. Paige
    April 10, 2011

    Cats in warm climates can be born anytime during the year, but most cats around here have kittens in the spring or late summer. So it’s hard to find kittens during the fall and winter. (Know anyone who ever got a kitten for Christmas?)

    Zoey is adorable. Kittens think of scratching as playing, so cuddling and scratching are just two fun things to do and she probably cannot understand why you like to cuddle but don’t want to play. A tap with your finger on her paw(s) with a firm “NO!” should let her know how you feel.

    And, yes, at some point she will purr sweetly and at the same time bite the devil out of you. That gets a tap on the nose and a firm “NO!” Those little teeth are sha-r-r-r-p!

    Take lots of videos. She won’t be this little very long!

    Love to you and your family.
    –Paige (a full-time, professional cat lover)

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