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Item No. 28, Halfway

Item number 28 on my ever-shrinking 101 in 1001 list is to grow an herb garden and a vegetable other than topsy turvy tomatoes.

It’s too early for tomatoes for a little bit, but I have an herb garden! I found a compact grow-from-seed kit at Home Depot from Buzzy that had parsley, basil and chives – my 3 favorites! I love in summer having fresh things around, especially basil for a tomato basil Caprese salad.

Mine is in a wooden box, as opposed to a pail, but the process couldn’t have been easier. The kit comes with 6 pots, 3 packets of seeds, the box, and 6 dirt pellets. I was skeptical about the dirt pellets – they look like nasty hockey pucks when they come out of the box. The instructions say to put the pellets in a large pot, add water, and mix it up – it couldn’t be that easy! ……well, it was that easy. The dirt came out fluffy and moist, I distributed it between my pots, split up the herbs, and put them in the kitchen window. About a week later I had sprouts, and about a month later, I have this!

Zoey keeps getting up on the counter and chewing the chives, but I’ve been pretty diligent about squirting her with a spray bottle so she learns. Pretty soon they’ll go outside in larger pots and I’ll have delicious herbs! My Aunt, Uncle and cousins also gave me seeds and adorable pots from Crate & Barrel, for Basil, Rosemary and Thyme, so this weekend I hope to grab some potting soil and get those going as well. What’s your absolute favorite herb to cook with?


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