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A Month of Health

I have a handful of things on my 101 list that are “every day, for one month”, and most of them have to do with health. With my best friend’s wedding coming up, I’d love to be at my best — best looking, and best feeling. We had the shower and the bachelorette party this past Saturday (a post on that coming as soon as I can wake up from this Rum Fog), and the real countdown has begun. 33 days!

So, for the next month, here is my Daily Checklist – Start date: May 9, 2011. End date: June 9, 2011 (the wedding is June 11).

1. Update Mint profile every day  – Mint.com is, in my humble opinion, the best tool out there for keeping track of your spending. It’s a dream for someone with a little OCD – graphs and charts EVERYWHERE! woohoo! My spending over the last few months has been out of control, between furnishing a new house and wedding expenses. I need to get myself back on track so I’m not constantly wondering if my bank account is going to be overdrawn.

2. Lose 15 lbs – this will undoubtedly happen if I stick to the rest of the list … 15 pounds will get me into the mid-low end of my healthy weight range, and back to what I weighed in  high school.

3. 100 Pushups Challenge –  www.hundredpushups.com This actually is a 6 week program but if I can even get out 50 pushups at a time by the wedding it will be a huge improvement. I took the initial test, and I fall into a level 2 (eek! I’m a weakling…but not for long!)  The program requires 3 days a week of training, which fits right in with #4 on the list.

4. Gym 3x per week – Self explanatory. I can walk to the gym in 2 minutes, literally. No reason NOT to go, except laziness. Since the 30 Day Shred (#5) and the 100 Pushups Challenge focus on strength, I’ll be hanging out on the treadmill and the elliptical. I may try to work in the Couch to 5k Program (www.c25k.com), to give me some real guidelines on running. I’ll also be obsessively hanging out in the tanning beds, trying to get rid of this pasty skin before the wedding.
5. Take a Multivitamin every day. I always feel better when I take one, I just always forget.

6. 30 Day Shred – is actually tough! But it’s only a half hour a day, for 30 days, and I’m determined this time. Maybe Zoey will do it with me.

7. Update Weight Watchers every day – I haven’t looked at Weight Watchers in months. It helped me drop about 30 lbs over the last year or so, and I now have a clear understanding of healthy portion size and why certain foods are (or aren’t) good for you. However, I’ve been cheating (a lot) lately and need to hold myself accountable. I did so much work to get back to a healthy weight range, and I really want to stay there!

8. 4-5 Fruits or Vegetables every day – Pathetic. Should really not be a list item, but I’m not getting enough.

So there it is. 8 things I can do every day to keep myself feeling and looking great. I made a page to keep track of my daily progress. I’ll probably be the only one to check in on it, but here it is: https://juli101.wordpress.com/the-master-list-101-in-1001/health-checklist/



One comment on “A Month of Health

  1. Lllllfffff
    May 15, 2011

    I loved the C25K program!! It was the only way I could get myself back in shape for running without getting discouraged and losing interest. I’m always up for a run/jog or fitness activity. Let me know!

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