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Pinterest Top 10 of the week

Have you guys heard about Pinterest? I know a bunch of you have because we follow each other – but for the rest of you, it’s an AMAZING social bookmarking/sharing/linking site that provides endless hours of inspiration, laughs, and “why didn’t I think of that!’s”

Here is my Top 10 of things I’ve pinned this week:

The roommates and I are making progress on decorating the house, though it sometimes feels like trudging through mud to find something all 3 of us can enjoy. We had bought some scrapbook paper with the intention of framing each piece in a 4×3 grid on the wall, but I kind of like this idea now, better.

CORKSICLE. It is what it sounds like. A giant, reusable/re-freezable icicle that keeps your wine cold, but not too cold. I need this, right?

Just one of the many, MANY posters I love over at Methane Studios

I have decided that my Halloween costume is …. drumrolll…… WINE GODDESS. So I’ve been looking for makeup/hair inspiration and while this girl’s face somewhat freaks me out, I think the eye makeup is exactly what I’m going for.

Just … LOL.

HOW COOL is this manicure?! I could totally do it on my left hand, but getting such intricate details on the other hand, using my non-dominant hand, may be a problem. I’ll keep you posted.

another one just for giggles

Pumpkin-palooza has begun at our house. I went out and got way too many pumpkins (15), a bale of hay, and various crafting supplies. But the results are turning out phenomenal! I’ll be posting about that as a project, once they’re all finished and I get lit-up photos on Halloween. By the way, I’m so excited to have trick-or-treaters this year!

I’ve been trying to get back into the gym but then I think about this photo and laugh so hard that I have to stop running.

Good to remember πŸ™‚


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