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iPhone photo dump, part deux


The Boyf booked our campsite for Acadia National park in June, and this is it! Woo!!


Here is whatโ€™s been going on in my life lately, through a series of photos taken on my phone.


Planned out my backyard (this one) and front garden (below)




The Boyf was bored when I dragged him to Michaels — until he found the “Dollar Aisle”, created a plastic animal porno in the middle of the aisle, and giggled as other customers stepped around it ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s the little things..


I’ve seen my nephew Dutch-a-pants a lot lately!


Piggy planter at work. I’m bad at watering … those flowers are now hanging over Piggy’s face like a bad wig.


The Boyf and I made a cake for his brother’s birthday — it was Neopolitan, from scratch, and it was amazing. Also amazing was Boyf’s icing skills..


Scavenger hunt for T’s 6th/24th birthday (leap year baby) was a blast – Team RaptorCat put up a great effort but came in 3rd place.



Went to the Flower Show which SUCKED this year, but at least I got 3 dozen roses for $10 and saw some cool bonsais. Hope next year’s is better though!


The beginnings of the veggie/herb garden


Cleaning out my grandmother’s house to sell it has been sad and hard work, but there are some great things we’re finding that I never knew were there – like this awesome 1902 Singer sewing machine!


Boyf’s BFF’s kids turned 1 and 3 – we went to a pirate-themed party complete with moonbounce ๐Ÿ™‚


Roommate’s friends left their dog in his room while going out to breakfast – the whining/crying of that poor pupper scared Zoey out of her mind and she hid behind the dishrack


Flyers game! Winning!


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