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101 List Update

Items that I slacked on and therefore are adding to the “donate $1.00 to charity for messing this up” fund:

10. Cook a dinner with BFF Caitlin for our parents each year (0/3) – We didn’t do this last year, unfortunately – schedules never matched up! We did do one this year at Cait & John’s brand new house (which is gorgeous). We made a delicious steak dinner complete with mushrooms and red wine demi glace, and a homemade Lemonade cake which everyone agreed was To Die For.

13. Save $200 every month (1/36) – Well, that sure didnt happen. I’m paying off my car loan in October and will then use the $300+/month that I’m not putting towards a car anymore, first into paying down my credit cards, then into re-building my savings account.

78. Go camping at least 3 times per year (1/9 Maine Aug.’11) – just didn’t happen enough in 2011, so I’m calling this one a wash although The Boyf and I will probably make up for it this year.

86. Get 4 pedicures per year (0/12) – i dont think i got a single pedicure last year. gross. i’ll probably get one this week, it’s flip-flop season again!

91. Volunteer at Rubye’s Kids Holiday Party every year (0/2) – missed out last year due to an overactive schedule.

95. Donate blood as much as possible for one year (0/6) – can’t donate for a while because of lyme antibodies in the bloodstream.

Items in progress:

11. Compile a list of 25 healthy snacks and try them out (1/25) – Started a pinboard here, to keep track of the list/recipes:   — I made the granola bars for a 9.2 mile hike with The Boyf  (I’ve decided that’s his blog moniker), his brother and my friend. I personally thought they were “OK” – too much honey for my taste – but The Boyf and his brother were scarfing them down like they were going out of style. I think I will try them again but doctor it up so it’s not so honey-flavored ( I was hoping for an oatmeal-raisin-cookie taste)

97. Use only reusable bags at the grocery store 10 times (6/10)

15. Pay off car loan -OCTOBER 24!!!! I might hold a party.

20. Read all 100 books on the Book List  (20/100) – I downloaded an app on my phone with free, public-domain audiobooks which include most of the books on the list. I’ve decided it doesnt’ matter if I actually read or listen to the books, as long as I get the story 🙂

22. Try 10 foods I’ve never had before (3/10) –

  • I had carpaccio when The Boyf and I went to Restaurant Week in Philadelphia – not really a fan.
  • The Boyf and I also recently participated in a “Chopped” competition at Cait & John’s house, in which we had to cook with Palm Hearts – pretty mild, we included them in a butter/garlic sauce. No real opinion on that.
  • Also at Chopped night, we had to cook with Turkey Chops – like a pork chop, but turkey! Positive experience, I will probably try these again.

8. Cook 5 types of food I have never made before (3/5) – Lemon bars, granola bars, Turkey chops with palm hearts in butter sauce

28. Grow an herb garden (I’m doing this again this year) and a vegetable other than upside-down tomatoes – a separate post is coming, but I have started a bunch of vegetables from seed and they are doing great! I’ll be building a raised-bed garden for the veggies since the dirt in my backyard beds is crap.

44. Lose 15 pounds (0/15) – I majorly slacked over “the holidays and beyond” – back on track with Weight Watchers, BodyRock and the gym, but I’ve reset my counter here.

72. Eat at 5 Philadelphia-Area restaurants I have never been to (1/5 – Farmicia, Le Castagne)

73. Bike the Struble Trail – buying a bike this week! The Boyf bikes a lot and I miss it, so I’m trying to get back into that – especially with the great spring weather we’ve been having!

79. Explore two states I’ve never been to (1/2 – Maine,) – we’ll probably be going to the Smoky Mountains in Tennesee in September 🙂

80. Have at least 4 girls-nights per year (5/12) – #6 is this Friday! We’ll be grilling and vegging and gabbing. Excellente.

81. Read the entire Wizard Of Oz series – remember that audiobook app I got? It’s got all of ’em. Sweeeeet.

35. Visit friends in 5 different cities (2/5 – Karen @ Americorps, John & Caitlin in Baltimore)

18. Sell Queen Anne’s Secretary desk




One comment on “101 List Update

  1. theresa
    April 9, 2012

    Oh my I have so much to say:

    86. I have a gift certificate to Zazen and I would love to get mani/pedis with you ASAP.

    73. Ed and I run the struble when it’s nice out. You can bike it no problem! GOOD LUCK!!

    11./8. I would love to try these granola bars as well as join you guys for a hike!

    35. If/when Greg moves to the west coast, he can be another friend to visit and I’ll go with you!

    Oh and I finished book 1 of the Hunger Games so…you’re next!

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