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A Thumb of a Different Color

So this spring/summer, I finally had my own vegetable garden. I worked really hard at remembering to water and take care of the plants, and turned my previously black thumb a wonderful green! Here’s how it all came together…


Started off from seed – ambitious, but it was fun seeing the seedlings starting as early as April!


The first emergence of lettuce….



The soil in my backyard is not really soil – more of a clay/rock mixture, so needless to say not conducive to hearty veggie plants! Dad came over to build me a raised bed. Love him!


The finished raised bed, sans dirt


Dirt added ($80 worth of it..ugh.) and seedlings moved in! Blueberry bush, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli and lettuce.





Delicious tomatoes!

I will so be doing this again next year. Some things I learned:

1. When planting from seed, only plant a couple seeds per pot, and thin them out as they grow. I ended up not having any lettuce, the broccoli …. I”m not sure what happened but it didn’t grow right, and the cucumbers/zucchinis were very small. I think they were crowded by having too many plants in one concentrated area.

2. Consistent watering and fertilizing! I had a ton of tomatoes, but a lot of them suffered from blossom rot (black spots on the pretty fruit 😦 ). This could happen from inconsistent watering (I admit, I spent more time at the Boyf’s than my house this summer) or not enough nutrients in the soil. Lesson learned!

3. Pay attention to the schedule on the seed packets. I don’t think all those vegetables were supposed to be planted/growing at the same time (lettuce vs. peppers, it seems, would be early spring vs. late summer). I was so excited to have tons of veggies that I didn’t pay much attention to this step. I’ll do my research well over the winter!

4. Use what you have instead of buying tons of gardening supplies. I am now stocked up on tons of different sizes of pots, from starting from seed and transplanting to bigger and bigger pots prior to planting outside. But I could have saved a ton of money on the peat pots by planting in lemon rinds or homemade newspaper pots. I also now have tomato stakes so I won’t have to buy that next year. I’m also taking a composting class next week at the Pennsylvania Resource Council (they’ll give me my own Earth Machine compost bin) so that I’ll be able to use my kitchen scraps over the winter to supplement the dirt I already have in the raised bed next spring.

I can’t wait to do this again next summer, it was so gratifying to see everything grow from seed to plant to veggie! I’m also going to try my hand at spring flowers around the front garden bed and backyard, but that might be baby steps.


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