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A Dress Pinning Frenzy

This is not a sponsored post – Modcloth doesn’t know I wrote this – I just love their site and products!

I happened to check in on Modcloth.com the other day – one of my go-to sites for dresses. They do have other clothes but I have a hard time buying clothes from online retailers unless I know they’re going to fit me – I usually stick to shirts and dresses. While this site has a decidedly retro inventory, there are also pieces that follow the latest trends. I have a wedding or two already lined up for this summer, and have been really buckling down on getting fit and healthy, so I want a great dress to wear to show off all my hard work.

Thanks to the miracle of Pinterest, I’m able to keep a log of the dresses I’d like to try – here are the contenders:


Row 1:

  1. Richly Royal Dress – $44.99
  2. I Love Your Dress – $42.99
  3. Plum Inspired Dress – $44.99

Row 2:

  1. Royal Purple Dreams Dress – $94.99
  2. Midnight Sun Dress – $42.99
  3. Just Two Cute Dress – $57.99

Row 3:

  1. Horizon My Mind Dress – $72.99
  2. Scoop of Sorbet Dress – $59.99
  3. Doling Out The Charm Dress – $42.99

Row 4:

  1. Canvas For Creation Dress – $44.99
  2. Versatile Lifestyle Dress – $47.99
  3. Yellow Brick Goldenrod Dress – $54.99

Row 5:

  1. Orange Rush Dress by Ryu – $107.99
  2. Pattern Around Bright Dress – $44.99
  3. Celebration of Sisterhood Dress – $52.99

Row 6:

  1. Extreme Excellence Dress – $69.99
  2. Practice What You Peach Dress – $69.99

I’m leaning towards the Plum Inspired Dress (row 1 dress 3),  Yellow Brick Goldenrod Dress (row 4 dress 3), Canvas for Creation Dress (row 4 dress 1), or Practice What You Peach (row 6 dress 2). Which of these do you think is best for a summer wedding? Do you have a go-to shop for dressy occasions?


2 comments on “A Dress Pinning Frenzy

  1. jennydrago
    January 27, 2013

    I have my eye on Yellow Brick Goldenrod Dress, too. Super summery!

  2. cambriascorner
    January 28, 2013

    Of course, my favorite is the second most expensive but you can’t deny it’s absolutely stunning! You would rock it! 🙂

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