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Superbowl Ads

I didn’t watch most of the Superbowl. The Boyf and I snuggled up on the couch and watched Iron Man 1 and 2, since he hadn’t seen them (what!?) – I did catch the halftime show and the  last quarter after he passed out, and what an intense last quarter it was! The lights going out, Beyonce’s flawless performance, and the down-t0-the-wire win by the Baltimore Ravens made for some compelling tube watching.

I caught up on all the ads I missed on Hulu, thanks to the Toyota AdZone portal they have set up.

Here were my favorites:

(I know the guy that storyboarded this!)

The ones I really could have done without?
Subway FebruANY. I’m so sick of the Subway music.
Blackberry. It was really kind of a letdown/what was that? type thing
Samsung Mobile’s “The Next Big Thing”. I love you Seth and Paul, but it just didn’t hit my funny bone this time.
Oreo Whisper Fight. No one is that opinionated about their oreos. NO ONE.

What did you think? What were your favorites, and which ones fell flat?


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