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Cooking Light Cravebox

I forget where I learned about Cravebox, but boy am I glad I did! Cravebox is “A better way to discover better things. Cravebox is the ultimate product discovery service. Cravebox delivers themed, curated boxes full of fun finds. Cool stuff that’s relevant to your interests, needs, activities and occasions. Packaged beautifully and delivered to your door.” It’s a great service – if you’re interested, I would highly recommend signing up – and please use my username, Thejuliemonster, as a referral if you do!

Mine was much larger than I expected it to be. I signed up for the Cooking Light Cravebox, at $13.00.20130209-225454.jpg

The first thing in the box was a series of coupons, recipes, and tips and tricks for cooking lighter, healthier meals:


These were the products included in the box:


  1. 7UP Ten – 10 “great tasting” calories – I’m not a huge fan of this, I’d rather drink Sprite Zero.
  2. Trident Island Berry & Lime gum – I NEVER would have picked this out at the store, but it is so good! It may be my new favorite, beyond my normal minty staples.
  3. BelVita breakfast biscuits – Cinnamon Brown Sugar – these are wonderful! I had seen commercials, but hadn’t bought any because I didn’t want to waste the money without knowing if I liked them. They are crunchy, delicious, and you get 4 good sized biscuits (really, they’re more like crackers) per serving! I went out the next day and bought a box to keep in my desk 🙂
  4. SunRype Wildberry 100% Fruit Strips – I love fruit leather, and my stash at work was getting low, so I was glad to get these!
  5. SnackWell’s Fudge Pretzels – 100 Calorie Pack – Oh. My. God. This makes the $13.00 cost worth it! I know of lots of different 100-calorie brands, but didn’t know SnackWell’s had any. I LOVE chocolate covered pretzels, and I’m so excited that there’s a way for me to eat some without gaining 10 pounds every time.
  6. Barilla pastas – white fiber and veggie – I haven’t tried these yet, but they look good!

Can’t wait to try out my next Cravebox! I may try the upcoming Book Lovers or Beautiful By You boxes, depending on their prices.


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