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iPhone Photo Dump

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1. Favorite snack as of late. I am so much more compelled to eat an orange when it’s quartered, than picking apart wedges.
2. Psycho kitty staring at me as I’m on a work call
3. Valentine for The Boyf
4. Seriously, how comfortable did my bed look, covered in sunspots? It was hard to keep working that day.


Sick. Flu, asthmatic bronchitis, sinus infection.Four prescriptions, orders to stay out of work for four days, a few OTC drugs, and lots of OJ.


Fun day with work, bowling! There was a high school bowling competition, and wow, did the nerdiness abound. The high schoolers were infinitely more entertaining than the bowling game I was actually participating in. One had FLAMES ON HIS SHOES.


Random, hipstery Instagram shots. I sure do love me some coffee and cats.


Terrarium class with my love at my favorite store, Terrain! This was so much fun, and a great way to celebrate Valentine’s day together a little early!


A little #tbt (ThrowBack Thursday) action – me and Caitlinin our matching sweaters, years ago, and me with the original duck face.


I have been eating really well (although really unhealthily) lately. Clockwise from top left: Dumplings at P.F. Changs for our valentine’s dinner, Crab Nachos and Goat Cheese with Fig Jam on bread at Four Dogs Tavern with Cristina, and the mini cakes I made for the Boyf and I on Valentine’s day – dark chocolate and tiramisu – recipe to come later this week!


1. Having a Beautiful Mind moment at work, creating a crazy insane flow chart for one of our clients.
2. On my day off, I made a deeeeelish breakfast for myself when I finally woke up around noon. Then caught up on Grey’s Anatomy, Glee, Nashville, and Bob’s Burgers 🙂

3. The Boyf’s terrarium – so pretty!

4. This is how much he loves me. He let me smear a facial mask on him on Sunday night. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. ❤


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