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NatureBox Review

I signed up for NatureBox after reading about it somewhere…. I don’t even remember where! It’s $19.95 per month for a 5 snack bags – each bag probably has at least 5 servings – so it’s a great value! Per the NatureBox website, “Each month, your box will include 15 to 20 servings across 5 different NatureBox snacks. We take pride in picking the healthiest and most delicious snacks for you to enjoy. You can trust that our products will be made from the most wholesome ingredients and will be minimally processed, if at all. Everything you eat from us will abide by our strict quality standards.” They promise to have no high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavors or colors. So as you can imagine,  I was SO EXCITED to get my box, and when the day came, I was even more excited to open it! The box it came in was sturdy, large, and nicely branded:


Everything inside was nicely packaged as well – the description from the website says “This month, we’re forgetting about the over-hyped New Year’s diet mentality and encouraging you to establish healthy habits that you can sustain all year long. These snacks will keep you energized throughout the post-holiday slump so you can meet all of your New Year’s resolutions, health-related or not!”


Unfortunately, my excitement level dropped when I started trying these foods. Please DON’T let this turn you off from NatureBox – I have a picky palette, and 3 of the 5 bags of snacks really just didn’t float my boat. It’s not a comment on the service, quality, or type of snacks – I just didn’t care for them! The three I didnt like:

1. Wild Berry Bunch – I’ve never been a fan of dried fruit outside of pineapple and raisins. However, on the mailer card they send with the box, it suggests mixing these into muffins, which I will probably still try.

2. Lone Star Snack Mix – this is a mix of almonds, cashews and peanuts – all good things! However, the mesquite flavoring on them is what killed it for me. I’d rather just have plain nuts!

3. Orange Crush Granola – this is my least favorite thing in the box. To me, it tasted like soap. Not much more I can say. I’m going to have Mark try everything tonight in the hopes that he’ll take some of these off my hands.


The two I do like? The Cranberry Almond Bites and the Masa Crisps (they taste like Fritos!). I would actually buy these in the store – however, these are specially curated by NatureBox, (which is great), so they’re not available for individual sale at the moment. The FAQ portion of their site does say that they’re working on getting that option to be a reality (along with the option of customizing your box). The Cranberry Almond bites are like a lightly sweetened rice cake – it actually tastes a little bland at first, but you get a nice burst of natural sweetness at the end. The Masa Crisps, as I said, taste like Fritos. NEVER A BAD THING.


So, with all that said, I decided to cancel my box. For the price, the return on my money just wasn’t enough to give it another try. You have to call their office to cancel, but the person on the other end was extremely nice and tried to offer a few things for me to stay and try them for another month. With the taste of the mesquite nuts still in my mouth, I said no thank you, and seconds later had the cancellation confirmation in my inbox.

A few more things about NatureBox. Seriously, I’m so sad that this didn’t work out for me. In addition to being a great way to discover new healthy snacks, there are a few other things about NatureBox that I loved. They have a deal with charitable partners that helps them donate one meal to hungry children for every box they sell. They have their own nutritionist, so you know these are actually healthy options. And like I said, these snacks are of the company’s own making (so they’re not just throwing other companies’ goods in a box). If you’d like to give NatureBox a try, you can sign up here.


2 comments on “NatureBox Review

  1. Must Have Boxes
    March 11, 2013

    Julie, this box looks so yummy!

    – KW

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