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WWW: Weekly Web Wrapup 3/3-3/8

Funny Bone

• “I know that feel, bro.” Portraits of pairs of characters who share between them a connection by way of woe and unlucky happenstance. [via Buzzfeed]

• ‘How To Talk To Scared, Condescending, Misinformed, Old White Dudes’ With Your Host, Hillary Clinton [via Upworthy]


• Taylor Swift basically says Tina Fey is going to hell. [via Philly.com]
• 13 Creepy Food Faces That Will Haunt Your Dreams [via Buzzfeed]
• 8-Year-Old Girl Handcuffed, Jailed For Two Hours For Throwing A Tantrum [via Buzzfeed]


•Kate Spade New York Launching Lower-Priced Line, ‘Saturday’ [via StyleBistro]

• Infographic: 29 ways to be creative [via DesignTaxi]

• Lorenzo & Sons is coming back to South Street! Yay! [via Philly.com]

• The Guy Who Played Kevin G. In “Mean Girls” Is Now A Calligrapher [via Buzzfeed]

• CCGI: Cotton Candy Gif – Interesting!


• Another lost Sufjan track! Casimir Pulaski Day 🙂 [via Under the Radar]

• M83 is doing the Soundtrack to a new Tom Cruise movie, and the first released track sounds awesome. [via Under the Radar]

Health & Beauty

• 5 Polish Shades You Need To Try This Spring [via Birchbox Blog]

• Birchbox is working with Women’s Health for April! [via Birchbox Blog]


• Being White In Philly [via Philly.com]

• At long last, a birth control Pill for men? [via Philly.com]



• Rita’s is testing a new concept – WATER ICE + BOOZE. *Hallelujah Chorus* [via Philly.com]

• Will Princess Leia Be Back For The New “Star Wars” Films? Carrie Fisher gave a short, sweet answer. [via Buzzfeed]


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