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Easter Planning for 2013

Every year, I forget how much I love Easter. Pastel colors! Springy foods!  Floral dresses! What’s not to love? I always find myself revising my Pinterest Easter Board, to try to make some decisions on what to do in the way of food, crafts and decor for the holiday. It’s a little different, now that I don’t live at home, but I still generally help to plan and cook the menu at my parents’ house and to help with flowers. Since moving out, the roommates and I have made a little tradition of dyeing eggs together. Here are a few of my favorite ideas that I’d love to carry out this year!



1. Pom Pom Bunnies & Carrots from MarthaStewart.com
2. German-Style Paper Cutout Easter Eggs from MarthaStewart.com
3. Polka Dot Balloons from MarthaStewart.com


For the Table:
1. Easter Nest Table Setting from MarthaStewart.com
2. Egg Shell Herb Planter from Lilliedale
3. Daffodil Candy Cups from MarthaStewart.com (are we sensing a pattern here?)
4. Bunny Fold for Napkins from MarthaStewart.com (we do these every year, and I add a nose and cotton tail!)



1. Daffodils and Limes from WeddingWire.com
2. Tulips and Pussywillow Table Arrangement from MarthaStewart.com
3. Tea Time floral arrangement from Better Homes and Gardens
4. Springtime Flower Arrangement from B-Movie

Egg Decorating

1. Decoupage Easter Eggs from ByWilma.com
2. Fortune Cookie Easter Eggs from Duitang.com
3. Botanical Eggs from MarthaStewart.com
4. Thread-Wrapped Easter Eggs from MarthaStewart.com
5. Doodle Easter Eggs from alisaburke.blogspot.com
6. Silk Tie-Dyed Eggs from OurBestBites.com
7. String Cage Candy-Filled Eggs from digu.com
8. Pink Gold-Dipped Easter Egg
9. Papier-Mache Easter Eggs from NotMartha.org

Light, Springy FoodJulie101-EasterFood

1. Brie Stuffed Mushrooms from PipandEbby.com
2. Baked Zucchini Strips and Sweet Onion Dip from King Arthur Flour
3. Spring Vegetable Salad with Buttermilk Dressing from Weight Watchers
4. Zucchini Tots from The Curious Country Cook
5. Cranberry-Orange Glazed Ham from Weight Watchers
6. Lemon-Ginger Asparagus from Weight Watchers

Your Turn – What are your favorite Easter traditions? Do you make a special dish, bring out a favorite decoration, or go to the same place every year? Let me know in the comments!


One comment on “Easter Planning for 2013

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