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WWW: Weekly Web Wrapup, 3/10 – 3/15


Google Poems [via Huffington Post]

Cabin Porn [via freecabinporn.com]

Bike Helmet With Brake Lights And Turn Signals [via Fast Company]

Pinterest launches web analytics! [via AdAge.com]

Nie has the cutest idea for her wedding ring. Tally marks! [via NieNie Dialogues]

LOL, video style

What if Game of Thrones was a 90’s Sitcom? [via Jezebel.com]
After Ever After – Disney Spoof [via Huffington Post]
The SNL Target sketch never fails to crack me up. [on Hulu.com]
School of Thrones. Awesome. [via Buzzfeed]


Kim Kardashian Can [NOT! People.com, what are you thinking?!] Pull Off a Pregnancy Look [via People.com]

Latest Photo of James Holmes, Lumberjack [via Buzzfeed]

In other Kim Kardashian news, injecting blood into your own face is totally normal. Totally. [via BeWellPhilly]

Another Poop Cruise. [via Philly.com]


Justin Timberlake hosted Saturday Night Live, and it was EPIC. [on Hulu.com]

Holy Batman, This 60’s Batman Dance is Neat [via Buzzfeed]

The Beatles’ Secretary Finally Tells Her Story [via Buzzfeed]

Woman Makes Down Syndrome Dolls For Children With Disabilities [via Buzzfeed]


Give it 5 more minutes to burn more calories [via Philly.com]
A Daily Habit of Green Tea or Coffee Cuts Stroke Risk (by up to 20%!) [via NPR]
These beauty wipes all sound awesome, and way better than what I knew was out there! [via Beautyhigh.com]
Totally Effective (and Gentle!) Product to Beat Breakouts [via Birchbox Blog]


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