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iPhone dump


Zoey helping me write emails on a rainy work-from-home day

I’ve been M.I.A.! After this upcoming holiday weekend I”m hoping things slow down a little bit before the craziness of the summer months hits. Here is what’s been going on in my life lately! Follow me on Instagram at @thejuliemonster.


Furry nephew Dutch helping make crafts for Baby Colin’s nursery


Tanning. Too much too soon.


Fixing some fajitas


I starred in a film-student friend’s movie when I was in college. Here I am generally being a badass, smoking a cigarette with the Philly skyline in the background.


Zoey’s head fur looks like a giraffe face. Once you see it you can’t unsee it.


Table manners?


Table manners.


Cravebox! I have two of these to review, and one to give away. Chiggidy check for that early next week.


The Boyf showing off his new roller blades for roller hockey. I went and saw him play on Monday – never smelled anything so bad in my life.


PROOF that he said he’d go to this funky dance party concert in June with me. Also proof he can make a goofy face?


Finally got my longer Trollbead base bracelet, and a new springy green bead 🙂


Sugar and Spice VoxBox, courtesy of Influenster! Review next week – I think it’ll be Box Week.


Monstrous spider plant is spawning and growing out of the pot again


iPhone 5, new wallpaper and new case. I’m in love.


Gazelle box I shipped my iPhone 4 back in – they couldn’t make it any easier! (And I got $90 for my phone, making my new phone only $110 – holla!)


Sunday Funday on St. Paddy’s Day, counting The Boyf’s change jar/pot o’ gold.


Charts on charts on charts. Work on work on work.


Fun Day at Sides Media – Peeps diorama contest! My team chose a current event – the poop cruise.


Not sure why this is small. But it was a gorgeous vanilla sky the other night.


Boyf’s roller hockey schedule for many team BEAR CLAW, juxtaposed with kissy face StickyGram magnets 🙂


Saturday morning cartoons 🙂

And now for a little #tbt action…


Me, Grandpa, and my baller Ernie & Bert slippers. Clearly a moment of great joy.


First, beloved, hated, car. There was a doorbell on the dashboard to sound the horn. The roof leaked when it was raining. I had a boombox on the front seat, running on batteries, because the radio was dead. Where was Xzibit when I needed him?


In honor of Easter this Sunday, here is my Mom and I opening my easter basket many moons ago. I still get treats in that same purple basket 🙂




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