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Sunday TV Breakdown

Happy Easter! I’m writing this post in advance, because as we speak I’m probably sitting down to a fabulous Easter dinner with my family and The Boyf. After dinner we will hang out for a bit longer, but then I plan on going home, getting into my sweatpants, and completely vegging out in front of some great Sunday TV.

Here’s a breakdown of what I’ll have to decide to watch in just a few short hours:

Game of Thrones – HBO, 9pm. Shameless – Showtime, 9pm. Walking Dead – AMC, 9pm

PBS Masterpiece Classic – Mr. Selfridge -WHYY, 9pm. With JEREMY PIVEN. Look at this picture. LOOK AT IT!!! :

Jeremy Piven, you handsome devil. This is like personlized kryptonite. A period piece, on a station I love to support, with JEREMY PIVEN.

And then starting next week, Mad Men comes back on AMC, at (you guessed it) 9pm.


I desperately need a DVR.

What is your favorite show on TV right now?


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