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Real Beauty

Have you seen this video from Dove? “You are more beautiful than you think.” I’m constantly impressed and amazed at the campaigns they come up with. This one in particular made me think about how we perceive ourselves and how critical we can be of flaws that most people probably don’t even notice. The quick rundown – a police sketch artist had women describe themselves, and he drew what they described. Then another person who had met the first woman described her, and he sketched them again. The outcomes were very different.

One of the participants summed it up – “I should be more grateful of my natural beauty – it impacts the choices in the friends we make, the jobs we apply for, how we treat our children… it impacts everything. It couldn’t be more critical to our happiness.”

There’s a landing page for the entire experience athttp://realbeautysketches.dove.us/ – more videos, and you can view all the sketches. It’s time to start realizing we’re beautiful, ladies!


2 comments on “Real Beauty

  1. healthiestbeauty
    April 16, 2013

    Reblogged this on The healthiest beauty.

  2. kimcapable
    April 16, 2013

    This made me teary. We each need to be kinder and less judgmental of ourselves and everyone else, and as a society we need to learn how to stop teaching our daughters to be so self-critical and insecure. Saying so is easy, but how do we do it?

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