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I’m alive! Photo dump



Woof. It has been a while since I posted, huh? My life has completely exploded in the past couple of weeks – mostly at work. Things are finally settling back into place and calming down slightly, so I’m picking back up and hoping to continue updating a few times a week. When i went into my phone to get this photo dump together, I realized why I’ve been absent – so much has been going on!

The Boyf has been playing on a roller hockey time, (Team BEAR CLAW – it doesn’t get much manlier than that). I walked into his apartment and found the game schedule posted on the fridge surrounded by the StickyGram magnets I got printed, of our kissy faces. Love him.



Speaking of loving The Boyf – love the support haha


Of course there’s always a few photos of Miss Zo in here πŸ™‚ She’s just so purty.



Easter TBT post number one – me with two of my cousins. Check out those outfits!



Easter TBT post #2 – more amazing outfits, this time with Mom.



We added a chalkboard wall and a blue accent wall at work, it really helps liven up the joint!



Girls Night In – fondue, obvy.



Pretty Easter flowers πŸ™‚



An example of the craziness of my schedule at work – tons of tasks, tons of meetings!



Crafting away for BFF’s baby shower which was a huge success. Separate post on that to come!



Inspirational clementines, who knew?



I stuck a few grapefruit seeds in a pot, and look what happened! Hopefully these turn into trees πŸ™‚



Coach Factory purchase. This bad boy was only $80.



Another photo from the shower. HOW CUTE, amiright?



Post baby shower tootsies. My shoes were fabulous! (…ly uncomfortable).



Got in a tiff with the Boyf and decided to walk it off at Valley Forge – it was a beautiful day and I felt so much better after a little exercise!



Cabins at Valley Forge



Sun coming into the George Washington Cathedral



Outcome of that long walk – 7 miles, lots of steps. Love this “Moves” app I’m using!


Silly faces on my clementines bag



Seriously, did I mention that I love him?



Spring, doing it’s spring thing at my house πŸ™‚



He didnt want me to take this picture. But he’s so cute. Fixing me up with new tires, brakes and rotors.



Spring at home, close up


Spring shopping yielded 95% neon πŸ™‚



Fun trail bike ride with The Boyf. The trail goes right behind my neighborhood!



Celebrating Nana’s birthday at one of our favorite restaurants, Winberie’s.



Just for laughs πŸ˜›



I’m sure everyone has seen this. This is another thing that has been going on – all of a sudden the news is literally exploding – shootings, bombings, fires, collapses…. WHAT IS HAPPPENING? This particular image broke my heart.



Foot bath, AHHH.



The Boyf and I went down with a couple friends to visit a friend in Dewey Beach, DE. Day drinking commenced the moment we arrived.



…. and continued into night drinking, obviously. We had so much fun!



Hangover hockey the next morning



Big Gary Lasagna, my fuzzy friend keeping me company at my desk.



Another Zo Photo (Zoto?) – took her to the vet, and even though she’s labeled as a “Bite/Scratch” (aka “Bad Cat”), she was a good girl and was nice to all the vets and techs!



New bead on my bracelet – this one is called “Stay Positive”



And a photo from the BFF of the completed nursery – those are the canvases and mobile we crafted the last time I was over. I can’t believe the little man will be here in a month!



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