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Summer TV

It’s the time of year when my world gets flipped upside down – switching from fall/spring TV to the bottomless pit of mind-numbing (yet oh-so-enjoyable) Summer TV! I have no more of the shows I’ve come to rely on for my weekly entertainment until the fall rolls around again – Mr. Selfridge, Downton Abbey, Nashville, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Smash, New Girl … even Mad Men and Game of Thrones are almost done!

But wait – what about all those summer TV shows I was sad about ending last August? Buzzfeed has a lineup of 24 TV Shows to be excited about returning this summer. I’m not particularly into any of them except Breaking Bad (which is only a half-season, wrapping up Season 5 which I can’t seem to find anywere online to watch), but there are a few that I’ve been meaning to watch like The Newsroom, True Blood, Dexter, and Web Therapy. We’ll see if I get to those. 

Back to those shows I forgot about but are coming back into my life! Bunheads on ABC Family may or may not be renewed, but I’m crossing my fingers. Drop Dead Diva returns June 23rd on Lifetime and I’m DYING (ha, get it?) to find out what happens now that there has been another body/soul switch. 

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is already two episodes in and it’s been fun watching as usual.Restaurant Impossible will keep going throughout July. Alaska The Last Frontier is starting up this weekend. Fast and Loud is back.

This is going to be me, all summer long.

What about you? What summer TV are you excited for?


2 comments on “Summer TV

  1. Micah
    June 6, 2013

    Breaking Bad all day! and FYI, I found out this week that they’ve decided to label the previous 8 Episodes of Breaking Bad as “Season 5” and the next 8 as “Season 6” rather than Season 5 part 2. They Just released those first 8 episodes on DVD this week so you can check it out!

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