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At-Home Hair Coloring

Most women dream of having long, beautiful, healthy hair like Jennifer Aniston or Kate Beckinsale (I myself have pinned pictures of their hair!), but not everyone is lucky enough to have this kind of hair naturally. Some of us have to get all sorts treatments and rituals just to achieve this kind of hair. There are also some women who are prone to having gray hair at a young age. No need to fret about it because having gray hair is inevitable – whether you start having those gray strands in your 20s or in your 50s. You just have to accept it like getting wrinkles and saggy arms, but you also can do something about it like coloring your hair. I have been coloring my hair for years, since it has been getting darker as I get older and I like the lighter blonde look on me. The blonde is also an excellent grey-hair masker πŸ™‚

Going to hair salons like Rush Brighton is the easiest solution to this kind of problem. You just let the professional hair colorist work on your hair and walk out of the salon looking fabulous. Letting the pro work on your hair assures that you have even color, while doing it at home can turn out messy and not be the exact color result you were looking for.

But what if you don’t have the budget to visit the salon every month? (I sure don’t!) You can always settle for at-home coloring products, like I do. All of them are easy to apply, but the color doesn’t last as long as if you get your hair colored at the salon. Despite that, some women still choose to color their hair on their own to prolong their visit to the salon. Over the years I have colored my own hair enough that I know what I like and what to watch out for. Here are a couple of the top at-home hair coloring solutions on the market today that I’ve tried:
Revlon Colorsilk
For long-lasting and radiant hair color, choose the Revlon Colorsilk because it covers gray hair while retaining the shine in your hair unlike other at-home hair coloring products I’ve tried. There are many shades to choose from, (the most popular are burgundy and bright auburn), but I usually end up using the light blondes. I go back and forth between using golden or ashy blondes. The color does tend to fade a little after regular washing and drying after about a month. I’ve been meaning to dye my hair since this fading has happened since my last dye job – pictures coming as soon as I do that!

Clairol Nice n’ Easy
The Perfect Ten is the choice of many busy women, because you can get a new hair color or cover gray hair within ten minutes. It really does work! This is probably the fastest hair coloring application in the market – other coloring products I’ve tried usually take at least 25 minutes to finish (or even more than a half hour, depending on the color you’re going for!). The color lasts for quite a long time, too – about 60 days.


[NOTE: This post was brought to you by Rush, but all opinions and reviews are my own]


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