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iPhone dump

Here is whatโ€™s been going on in my life lately! Follow me on Instagram at @thejuliemonster.


Massive prescription bottle. I was sick (again) with the lovely recurring asthmatic bronchitis I’m so lucky to get every few months.



Stupid cat. She went ass-first into this bag and waited for me to walk out.


Mark and I were house hunting (more to come on that next week!) and my uncle’s brother in law was renting a carriage house, so I went to check it out – although the place was too small, the yard around it would have been heaven!


Double rainbow OMG! At my dad’s birthday dinner which I sadly ruined due to some unfortunate emotional side effects of all the prescriptions I was on for my sickness.


One of my favorite Throwback Thursday posts ever ๐Ÿ™‚ Me and mom


Another sweet (seriously look at all that icing, what a piggy) Throwback Thursday post with my bff!


More Throwbacks – with my sister


Mark and I were having a nice porch dinner at McKenzie’s a few weeks ago, and watched this awesome park job. They gave zero shits this day.


Got Mark in on the box craze – Mystery Tackle box! This was his first one, and it was a successful surprise. I forgot to cancel after he received this one, so that lucky guy is getting one more in the mail this week.


Dropping some fat beats for another Throwback Thursday


Mark shaved, but left this horrible policeman walrus mustache for a few days. I hate when he does that.


Sometimes I love my cat.


My nails are doing awesome, and it’s definitely time for some summer colors!


Who names a magazine that? Random mail at the office for the people upstairs.


Found this rag aka one of my old tshirts at one of my job sites, while bringing Mark some lunch. WHO DECIDED IT WAS OK TO GET RID OF THIS?


Nom. Egg white/turkey sausage breakfast muffins.



My nugget. I can’t wait to see him next Friday!



Got some peonies at Pete’s Produce – they’re my favorite!



Mark being an old man and reading the paper ๐Ÿ™‚ Lazy Sundays are the best.



Bridal Shower ๐Ÿ™‚



I’m doing the Electric Run at the end of July (guess I better start training??) – had to get some kind of fun accessory, so here it is




Went down to Virginia this past weekend and had a BLAST – full post coming on that, but in the meantime, PIGGIES.








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