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The Great Schlep – Part One

The Boyf and I are officially moving in together. We’re going to Live In Sin, as my grandmother would say (with her lips pressed tight together, lecture-stance at the ready). It has been an all-consuming process with lots of plan changes and bumps in the road, but we’re actually almost finished – this week is the home stretch! When we originally discussed it, we decided we needed a 2-bedroom place so that I could have an office and we could have guests stay over. We had a long wish list including pet-friendly, lots of light so we could have plants, a yard if possible, not in a complex, close to both of our commutes (we work almost 2 hours apart – challenging.), and more.

We decided that staying in or near to Delaware County would be the best choice for now so that we could not only have reasonable commutes (mine is still at least 45 minutes on a good day), but also stay close enough to our families. I immediately took to Craigslist and began hunting down apartments, houses, and carriage houses. The first place we visited was a couple blocks from my grandmother’s old house, in a lovely quiet neighborhood, on the second floor of a house. There was lots of light, off street parking, and a park behind the house that you could see from most of the windows. However, the layout of the apartment was like a maze – no open space, you had to walk from room to room to get to the next one. And, there were “Dealbreaker Carpets” as I named them – rust/terracotta colored carpets that I couldn’t think of ONE POSSIBLE WAY to make work. We both said no and agree to keep looking.

We also looked at a beautiful apartment closer to the city – on a dead end, tree-lined street, in a little house, on the second floor. Beautiful hardwood floors, new granite countertops and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and bathroom, a big eat in kitchen ….. but only two small closets, and the layout of the bedroom and living room were beyond weird. Mark loved it at first and I hated it because of the layout – then I slept on it and decided it would work out, but by then Mark had come around to my way of thinking, so this one was off the table as well.

The third apartment was in a nearby town that has a great restaurant and nighttime scene, very much like West Chester does. We were so optimistic going into this one, but it was a complete dump – 2×2 square feet of floor space in both the kitchen and bathroom, stained ceilings, the works. A big fat NO from both of us.

After this there was a week or two of absolute crazy busyness where we didn’t look at anything, and then realized that we were getting very close to our deadlines on when we would have to notify landlords and make sure we could be out. We also realized that with first/last/security deposits and the possibility of moving to a more expensive 2-bedroom, this would make our finances extremely tight. Long story short (not really, this is a long post!), we are staying in Mark’s current apartment. The living room and bedroom are nice and big, it’s close to lots of shopping/conveniences, right around the corner from his family, and it shortens my commute by about 15 minutes. The kitchen is tiny! – but I’ve already moved all my stuff and with my talent and skill in the realm of organization, it works and I’m happy 🙂

The next two days will be spent feverishly packing and cleaning, and repairing a couple of places Zoey has messed up (she can’t come with me, sadly, and I was going to have to give her to a shelter – but my roommate may have pulled a Hail Mary and found a new home for her! Fingers crossed, everyone!) like carpets and screen doors. I’m off from work Thursday and Friday, so by the weekend The Great Schlep will be complete! Pictures and maybe a couple DIY tutorials coming soon!


One comment on “The Great Schlep – Part One

  1. Cristina
    June 26, 2013

    You can do it!!!

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