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I’m Back!

Hey Blog, I’m back! A lot to catch up on, so sorry in advance for the wall of text comin’ atcha:

It’s been almost a year since I made time for blogging and I’m finding a lot of “me time” missing, so I’ll be working this back into my life as a way to keep account of my life, celebrate milestones, entertain (bore) you (if anyone still reads?) with endless lists and life updates, etc.

Clearly the 101 in 1001 list didn’t even come close to completion. That was a large list and I just found it overwhelming to try to prioritize and stay accountable with. I need a better way to create and keep track of my goals!

A few big things have happened in my life over the last year! Mark and I moved out of Delco and into (back to, for me) Chesco – a move that has been such a positive upgrade for both our lives. Mark’s commute to work is now 10 minutes and mine is zero minutes… we’ll talk about that in a minute. The presence of a little extra space is such a nice break from the congestion of Delco. The presence of a lot more space in our new apartment is even better. We have a kitchen where I can move around, cook and bake to my heart’s content, and even have a place for a table and chairs! We have a good size balcony which allows us the luxury of a grill and a place for plants and outdoor relaxation. Our bedroom has TWO enormous closets – allowing me to ignore his mess and organize the crap out of my own. We couldn’t be happier to be here!

Back to my commute. For 7 years exactly, I commuted about an hour to, and an hour from, work each day. Travelling the Turnpike at least meant that I rarely hit traffic, since it was always travelling the opposite direction of my commute – but that two hours gone from each day, and the cost of gas, tolls and car maintenance really was starting to take its toll (ha!) on me, as well as a lot of other employees at my work. The powers-that-be realized that as a company who specializes in digital work, we didn’t necessarily have to be in one place to make the magic happen. We were all going to an office, sitting in cubes, and messaging/emailing each other anyway – even if we sat right next to each other. After reading up on the benefits (many) and cons (few) of working remotely, researching other businesses who have done the same, and reading a great book by the people at 37 Signals, the decision was made – we went remote as of the first week in October! We’ll be meeting once a week at a central location – most often at a shared meeting space in downtown Philadelphia, but also at restaurants and events. So far it has worked out great – I find myself getting more done both at home and at work. The extra two hours I gain each day allows me to keep the house clean and in order. The eliminated stress of commuting has allowed me even more focus on my actual work. The glories of technology mean that I can communicate by phone, screenshare, instant message, email, or webcam – so I find myself talking to my coworkers even more, and our process has become even tighter and more productive. If you made it to the bottom of this paragraph (wow, I really missed writing!) – the moral of the story is WORKING FROM HOME. IS. AWESOME.

IMG_3043Next up on the list – our new family member, miss Bella. We adopted a 3 year old cat from the Cat Angel Network last week and we are head over heels in love with her. Anyone who knows my previous cat, Zoey, knows that she was a living, breathing nightmare of a pet. Bella is so the opposite of her – fat where Zoey was skinny (although we are working to control her diet now); Sweet where Zoey was mean; Affectionate where Zoey was … slicey. She comes when she’s called, loves to snuggle, and has already done wonders for both of our stress levels. We already can’t imagine life without her!


The other love of my life – my godson – is just killing me every time I see him. He’s the funniest little guy, walking and talking and playing with everything! Every time I get to hang out with him, we have the best time – I can’t wait to take him on more godmom dates and spoil the pants off of the little guy! To see more about his life, check out my BFF’s blog over at http://sippycupsandchampagne.wordpress.com/

The biggest thing just happened yesterday – I hit the big 3-0. BRB, going to hide under the bed.
But seriously, as much as I dreaded this birthday, I had a lot of people make it special for me, and the celebrations aren’t even over. I am realizing that nothing has changed with the number, and I’m just ready to kick my life into high gear and keep moving on up!

In that same thought process, lets get back to this topic on goals. I find myself wrapped up so often in taking care of others, planning, working, stressing etc – that I really need to be accountable for myself more. But with that, comes the knowledge that the goals I set for myself need to be more realistic. The more I set lofty goals for myself, the more I fail. I’m going to set a few goals each month for myself, to work towards a new list for my 30th year.

In my 30th year, I want to:

  1. Be comfortable in my own skin. Getting overweight can be a lot of fun. Cake, pizza, cheese, drinks, you name it. Being overweight is not fun. Most people can relate to that. I want to be excited to be in photos and go shopping again. I need to get my ass in gear! I’m not going to aim for a certain weight or size, at least not publicly. By my 31st birthday, I want to look and feel as fabulous as I can.
  2. Travel back to Acadia. It’s Mark and my happy place, so I’m hoping (planning) that that will be our next summer’s vacation.
  3. Make healthy choices a habit. I want to do things that don’t necessarily contribute to #1, but still add to my overall wellbeing.
  4. Make better decisions and choices with my money. I’ve always been mediocre at best, and I know it’s time to really kick into high gear and get my financials in order.
  5. Have “me time” on a regular basis.

If I can work towards these goals each month, I think this will be my best year yet!

So for this month, here are my daily/weekly aspirations:

  1. Drink at least one Bubba mug of water every day. This baby is 52 ounces, so really I’d like to drink two of them each day. If I make it a habit of filling up each morning, this should be an easy one to stay accountable on.
  2. Work out three times each week. I have my gym pass, and I have an at-home workout plan, so three times a week? No excuse not to do it.
  3. Set up my 401 K finally. My mother will be overjoyed.
  4. Be in bed by 11 o’clock, with lights out by 11:30. I’d love to say 10pm, but my love of Nashville and Parenthood on TV is just too great.
  5. Get a mani/pedi
  6. Vitamins every day. They’re right next to the coffee, Julie! I take Biotin for hair/nail strength, Vitamin D since my levels are low, and a gummy (yummy) multivitamin.

The rest of the month is a busy one, with two more birthday celebrations, a wedding, and hosting a jewelry party with Caitlin – but I’m looking forward to every minute of it.

One comment on “I’m Back!

  1. bobby stuart
    October 16, 2014

    welcome back

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